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I would love
To see within myself.
But I do not listen
Well enough.

The words that flow
From my pen
Are more truthful
Than my mouth
Could ever provide.
And yet I do not listen.
My secrets laid out,
Black leaking into white,
Creating shades of grey
For others to see and dissect.
But I do not listen
To my own soul's outpourings.
How am I ever to know myself
From the outside in?
How am I ever to breach
Those protective walls
Curved around
My curled soul
When I do not listen
To those whispered words
That travel from my centre,
Across my nerves,
And through my muscles
Into ink and pencil scratchings
That scar the page?
I wish to connect
With the real me.
But I do not listen.
(Can you hear her?)
Can you hear her?
Hmm. I'm not really too sure but it felt real at the time and maybe that matters more than anything I might think now. 

Let me know what you think.
There is a song inside of you.
And I can hear it.
It sings loud and clear
Of cloudless nights
And glittering stars,
Of golden sunsets
And age old dawns.
It lifts me high
As notes swirl
On the eddies of the wind,
And it thrusts me low
As instruments dip
Into crevices only you know.
And I listen.
And I learn.
In the hopes that one day
You will let me sing along.
And all the world will know
For they cannot help but listen.
Your song is beautiful
And true,
But there is room in the melody
For two.
Let me sing with you.
Let me soar with you.
I appear to have gone all sentimental recently. How odd. 

Let me know what you guys all think
I could spend years
Exploring your hands.
I could travel their contours
For hours,
Trace their paths
For days.
Your hands make me wish
That mine were not so clumsy
And that I could express
In charcoal and paint
The elegance of feather light bones,
The vulnerability in tiny scars,
The delicacy in scattered freckles,
Even the sun
Could not help but kiss
Your skin,
It needed to leave it's mark,
Show the whole world
That you are adored.
But I cannot draw
And so I am left with ink
And dusty words
That I borrow from old books
And give a fresh coat of paint
In the hopes that they will
Take your breath away,
Or at least return mine.
And they will not do.
The curve of the letters
Try to mimic the circle of your palm
But their lines stutter
And the psalm
Cannot be complete
Among such blemishes.
I could write reams
To the lines of your hands,
To the grace in their movements,
And the skill they posses.
So lay your hands within mine
And let me sooth my desperate fingertips
With the softness of your skin
And the strength in fragile bones.
Your hands
Again I seem to have gone all romantic. How very interesting.  

Let me know what you think
You can stare at your ceiling all night
And drink scalding coffee,
Too bitter for your tastes
But enough to keep you awake.
You can regurgitate similes and metaphors,
Dust of your thesaurus
And stain your fingers with coloured inks.
But that does not make you a poet.
Crying in front of the mirror
And giving your heart away
Just for something to write about
Does not make you a poet.
Not unless you mean it.
Because poetry
Is more than rhythm and rhyme,
It is more than iambic pentameter
And school lesson dissections.
Poetry is emotion
Fought and barely tamed,
Twisted into letters and words
And forced upon a page
That is resentful for the ink
That soils it.
Poetry is wrestled from the very soul,
With hands still grazed and bleeding
From the fight.
Poetry is vulgar and explicit,
But it is true.
So swallow the coffee you wish
You'd never started drinking
And nurse the bruises under your eyes.
But it will not make you a poet.
Not until you can press your emotions
Between the pages in stained books
Like pressed flowers
Can you create real poetry.
And not until you have handled those flowers,
Their petals as delicate as butterfly wings,
And offered them for others to hold
Can you call yourself a poet.
There, see, I knew the romanticism of the last few poems wouldn't last. All the same I think I may prefer this. 

The way I see it, anyone can be a writer, there are no boundaries for writing. But to call yourself an author or a poet requires something more. And I don't care ultimately whether you've published your works or not, though I am proud of you for doing so. What I care most about is whether you gave something to the world with your writing. Did you cry out in your writing? Did you sing with it? Scream with it? Laugh with it? Love with it? Did you give a piece of yourself up for the entire world to see? Because if you didn't then there is something missing in your writing, you're almost missing the point. Language is incredible, astonishing, it is a way for you to step into someone else's mind, see their emotions as if they were your own. There is something magical in a poem written properly, with emotion and struggle and thought given to it's very last detail. And if you do it right, really do it right, people will see. They will feel it. They will cry with you, laugh with you, love with you. And isn't that so incredibly magical. 
Anyone can write. But it takes courage to make magic. 



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