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Colours dance
Just out of reach
Of her grasping fingers,
Her lips tipped up
And her violet eyes
Glistening with wonder.

And today,
So many years later,
When her eyes have settled
And their colour dimmed,
When the curls in new hair
Have fallen flat,
Even now
Those colours dance
Just out of her reach.

She slashes at canvas
With wide brushes
And dripping paints,
Trying to capture
Those perfect blends,
Those perfect tones,
That perfect feeling.

Her works are masterpieces,
Acclaimed by all who see,
But not a single one
Is complete,
Merely abandoned
By the mother who cannot cherish
And so she starts again
With new brushes
And brighter paints.

And she screams
Into her brushstrokes,
And cries
Into the glaze,
And laughs
With the easel,
Because that is what
Not a blending of colours,
Not the recreation of a scene,
Not the likeness of a figure.

Art is
Pain and joy
Mixed together on the same palette.
Art is the reminiscence on a place
And the worship of a face.
Art is life
Bled into the fibres of a canvas
And displayed for the whole world to see.

Art is a story.
Art is an emotion.
Art is a confession.

And so she continues
To pick up her brush
And he still grabs
For his charcoal
And they grasp for their pens.
Because there is always
More to say.
More to give.

Can you feel it?
Ode to the artist
And maybe there is more to say
But a piece is more
Than the sum of its parts,
And a painting is always
Worth more
Than the value of the paints
Used to create it. 
So maybe a poem
Can mean more
Than the words
Used to make it.
I care not for war,
Nor battles won
And idealised.
I have fought enough to know
That muddied fields
Show blood too.
And I have probably fought and killed
As many allies
As enemies,
They all look the same
In the reflection of dull metals.

My ears hurt.
I am tired of the noise.

So fight this revolution
Without me.
Take my banner
And fly it high.
A few more stains won't matter.
And when you return,
Traumatised from your victory,
I will wash your face
And whisper a thank you
You won't have deserved.

And should you not return
I shall gather your pieces,
As many as I can find,
And give you a burial
Worthy of the sacrifice
That you never should have made.

Your bloodlust will end you,
The clang of metal
Is not a summertime activity any longer.
It is time to grow up
And put the long sword away,
Hang up your armour,
It's too heavy for you anyway.
Get some sleep.
Maybe the blood will be dry in the morning.

Things will not change,
Instead you will simply exchange
One demon for another
Until you have hosted them all
And simply except the lesser
Of the evils you have faced.

So fine,
If it pleases you so greatly
Then go out and fight.
Bring me a victory,
Or bring me a loss.
It doesn't matter.
They'll all be my dead anyway.
Claim Your Dead
Wasn't planning to post this one and may yet take it down in the future. I'm just not sure the metaphor comes across quite right. 

I don't know, let me know what you think. 
I swallowed
And the silence got stuck in my throat.
I tried to wash it down
With soothing words,
But they got stuck too.
I was coughing them up
In fits and starts,
My throat red and raw,
And that lump of silence
Stopping anything with weight
From getting through.
Maybe there's something wrong with me.
Maybe they'll need to cut me open,
Surgically remove the silence
Until I'm vomiting words that matter.
The truth is building up
Behind the blockage.
I think I need a doctor.
Doctor, doctor
Just a short little thing.

Let me know what you think. 


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