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I have heard all the tales,
Listened to the songs.
I have been taught
What bravery means,
How strength is more
Than the lack of fear.
I know the stories.
But what happens
When there is no mountain to climb?
How do I fight
When my enemy
Is as insubstantial
As the breeze that caresses?
There are no dragons
To bathe me in fire,
Test the strength of my soul.
There is no perilous ocean,
Storms gathering on the horizon,
For me to conquer.
How am I to move mountains
When the land has barely a ripple?
How am I to prove that I am brave?

My battle is quiet
And slow.
But it is fierce.
I fight back with everything I am,
I push towards my very limits
Until the ocean is forced to recede
As my footsteps refuse to falter.
I will not allow mere water
To defeat me.
I will not allow
Weakness of body
To overcome the strength of my mind.
Mountains move from my path,
Dragons take to the sky,
The earth quakes
With my every footstep.
Because I am brave.
I am strong.

There are poems inside of me
That paper cannot handle,
Words that cannot be released
For the very air would burn.
I stand within an implosion
That has been gaining strength
For more years than I should have allowed.
But it is time to beat back the flames.
It is time for the rain to come down.
For I can summon storms,
Bring down the lightning
And roar with the force of thunder.
These flames will not withstand the water.

I have heard the tales,
Learned all I could,
I have prepared for my own battle.
Now it is time to wage war.
Watch me fight.
You wield silence
Like a blade.
But who does it cut?

The absence of words
Is a language in itself,
One focused on emotion
And the soft but deadly things
That grow in the spaces
Between words.
And I cannot decide
Whether you wrap the silence
Around your shoulders
Like the comfort of a scarf
Or whether the silence
Slivers into place
And tightens its hold
Like a noose,
Cutting off sound
And breath
Until the stutters
Of broken letters
Are taken up by your heart.
Do not let the silence
Infect your organs.
I would be lost
Without that beat
To guide my footsteps
Silent Samurai
I've been thinking about silence recently, about it's many different hues. 

Let me know what you all think. 
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You made an adulteress out of me.
Seduced me away from my sensibilities
With flowing smiles
And wicked eyes
And honey dipped promises.
And I was always a sucker for sugar.
Your tongue plunged deep
But your words went deeper,
Wrapping around my lungs
Until my breath was your breath,
My heartbeats borrowed from yours,
And my thoughts carefully edited by you.
You took me on a trip through fire,
Slipped the flames under my skin,
Burning me from the outside in,
Cells burnt away and replaced again,
So much more sensitive than before.
And I screamed
Or maybe laughed
Or made no sound at all.
And for a moment I could taste colour
And see sounds.
You tasted red, like chilli peppers
And strawberries at full summer,
And I could see your heartbeat
Flashing white across the inside of my eyelids
While my whispers turned pink and orange,
Like the setting sun.
And it felt like an eternity,
Civilisations crashed and burned
And were built again
In the gaps between the seconds.
And I clung to you,
And you held me so tight,
Before both our fingers grew numb
And the tides of our blood
Pulled us apart.
You made an adulteress out of me,
Seduced me away from myself,
And I am not good at keeping secrets.
12 Hour Love Affair
So I haven't written anything for a little while and then this. 

Let me know what you think


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