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I fell in love with wet pavement,
Colours singing out,
Reds and greens and blues,
The World under water,
It's where these land lungs
Long to be.
I watch the rain create
Spider fine maps
In the cracks of concrete slabs.
I trace their rivers,
Walk their paths with my eyes,
And marvel at the world
Seen through sea glass colours.
I fell in love with summer rain,
Jewel tones gaining their courage,
Cobbles waking up
And whole cityscapes singing colour
Against a monochrome sky.
English summer rain,
It feeds my soul.
English Summer Rain
I'm sorry I've been gone so long, I will get around to thanking everyone, I promise! For the time being, heres a lighter piece to counter the darkness of my last poem.

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Listen to the angels talk,
Translate their songs,
Get it all wrong,
And walk into hell anyway.
Seduced by wild flowers,
Their poisons dripping,
Sweetness in the air.

Sit still,
A statue feels no pain,
Turn flesh to stone,
Ignore the cracks.
Eyes harden,
Tongue leaden,
Too late to scream.
Shallow breaths,
Misunderstood pleas for help.
A statue feels no pain.

Keep walking,
Keep crawling,
Distance helps.
Deny the sound of running footsteps,
They won’t catch up.
Follow the beat
Set by your heart,
Get lost when it falters.
Chase the sunset,
Race the shadows.

Squeeze eyes shut,
Knot your lashes together,
Don’t open.
Trust in the dark,
Can’t see,
Nothing’s there,
No stains,
No pain,
Nothing to fear.
Live in the dark.
Ignore the sounds.

Breathe with a needle,
Let it take you closer to god.
Feed your soul,
Poison your body,
Rinse and repeat.
Learn that skin is just a case,
Remember things you never knew,
A brain piloting a skeleton,
Need to keep the lights flashing.
Blackouts are getting longer,
Harder to keep the station running,
More power,
More needles.

Bottle the water,
Label the bottles,
Dates and times,
Events and words.
Keep them properly organised.
Don’t spill a drop,
One leads to more.
Keep the tears inside.
All that comes from crying
Is more water for the rain.
There are monsoons in the east,
Can’t spill,
Too many people are crying,
Anymore and we’ll all be drowning.

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We need to talk,
And yeah, it’s a break up line.
But the only reason I feel the need to separate from you
Is because you were never there in the first place,
See the irony?
And yeah, maybe I’m just bitter,
Because life is shit
And I’ve shovelled a lot of it,
And when they tell me I’m not the only one
That’s not really a consolation
Because why exactly were we the ones handed the shovels?
And while I’m asking questions
Whose shit is this anyway?
And why didn’t they clean up after themselves?
So yeah, maybe I’m just bitter
But when all you’ve got is lemons
It’s fucking hard to make sweet lemonade
Despite what they say.

So where have you been?
And be aware that you are facing a loosing battle
Because even if you rally the troops
It’s going to be too little too late
And we’ll all be standing here,
Tapping our feet and asking
What time do you call this?
And you better have a damn good reason
Because we’re about ready to pack your bags,
Send you on your way,
And don’t you dare look back.

You spouted endless love
And we drank it up
But in the end
You’re just an abusive asshole,
You’ve raped us
And beat us,
Made us this way
And then told us it’s our fault.
Well fuck you.
Because I’m tired of this shit.

And yeah, maybe that’s not my best response
But I don’t need a clever vocabulary
Or to invest in a dictionary
To know that you’ve fucked up
And that I’m done taking it up the ass.
You want to hear me talk?
Well then listen up you arrogant prick.

I’ll accept that we blew things out of proportion,
And oh yeah we’ve made our own mistakes
With no help from you,
But you’ve been gone for a while
And all those dominoes you set up?
Well someone knocked one over
And now there’s rubble everywhere,
And you don’t even have the decency
To help clean it up.
And I don’t want a fucking apology,
Though we all know you have a few to hand out,
I want you to get off your throne,
The one that we built hoping for better things,
And see exactly what your message has brought about.

I’m pissed off,
If you hadn’t noticed,
And the thing is
I’d already moved on from you,
Given up on you,
Called you a write off
And got on with my life.
And the world made so much more sense,
Once I’d stopped looking to you for answers.
So we’re done,
End of story,
Said goodbye and moved on.
But I’m not writing because of me
And don’t think that this is going to end happy
Because I’m fucking furious.

Did you know he was crying?
Would you have cared even if you did?
He actually asked if I thought you hated him
And I said no, because no one could hate him
And it was what he needed to hear,
But honestly?
I don’t have a clue what you think anymore.
He is a creature of love,
And it was your voice that taught him hate.
The scary thing is
He’s not the only one crying,
He’s not the only one hating his own desires
And wishing that he could be ‘better’.
And yeah, maybe they weren’t your words
But they were said in your name.

I don’t even want your help.
I don’t want you to set things right,
Because let’s face it,
Everything you touch
Turns to shit
And we’re all a little tired of shovelling.
No, I just wanted you to know.
I want you to own your mistakes,
See what you’ve done.
And then walk away.

Because after all,
That’s all you’ve ever done.
Maybe we let you down
But you’re punishing the children
For the parent’s crimes.
And we’ve had enough.
Letter to god.
I think I've said enough
There is grit
Trapped under my eyelids.
I’m not sure how it got there,
I don’t remember shedding tears,
But there is no denying
This is the salt left over from crying.

And I think there’s something
That my mind is avoiding,
Something I’ve whispered to my pillow
In the darkness
When the words were too heavy.
But it won’t yet tell me.

I don’t dare move.
I’m staring at the same dark smudge
On the white wall.
My muscles ache.
My eyes itch.
But if I move
Everything will shatter.

Something is missing.
And I’ve been crying.
I’m too tired to check if it’s still raining.
That moment between sleep and wakefulness in the morning, that moment when you don't remember. It's almost more painful. Almost. 


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